Maca powder has been super popular for a while now, and there’s a reason for that. Or maybe I just spend too much time on Amazon searching for health & wellness supplements...? Either way, Maca it’s this root from Peru that Peruvian indigenous people have been using for ages (like, litteraly thousands of years). Today, it's considered a “superfood” in North America and pretty much anywhere else in the world.

The easiest way to get it is in powder form. I like this one that I order from Amazon. This is not sponsored, it's just the one I like best. You can use it dozens of different ways, which I’ll get to in a minute, but before, let me tell you WHY you need to get on it QUICKLY:

Maca Powder Is Nature's Anti-Depressant

I’m not even kidding! Maca is well-known for its mood-uplifting effect. Not only that, it also boosts energy levels and helps you feel more awake and focused. When I include it in my breakfast, I automatically feel more awake. Like I’ve had legit 4 cups of coffee. Except without feeling nauseous or jittery, and I get so much shit done. Contrarily to coffee, it’s also not an effect that comes and goes only to leave you with a down. It’s more like a slow-rising wave of happy, driven energy. I know I sound high, but I swear I’m not. Except maybe on maca.

Maca Powder Boosts Sex Drive

Another way it increases the mood that’s worth noting is that maca powder is actually a great aphrodisiac, which means it increases sex-drive in men AND women. Forget oysters and these other foods that are supposed to be aphrodisiac because they look like vaginas... Maca is actually scientifically proven to increase libido. In cases where people experience a lower sex-drive because of menopause, for example, taking maca is a proven natural remedy that works. I don’t think I need to stress how a healthy sex life greatly contributes to general happiness. I like to smuggle it in when I make Sasha a morning smoothie, and look at him with a big grin while he drinks it. Wink-wink.

Maca Powder Balances Hormone Levels & Helps With Fertility 

So while we’re still in the sexual health department, I feel like this is a super important point. Especially if you’re menopausal or trying to conceive. Maca naturally balances levels of estrogen (so it does more than just help with mood swings), helps improve sperm quality and mobility and boosts reproductive health in both men and women. Also, I don’t know if this is related to the hormone factor, but since I started taking it daily, I noticed a clear difference in the appearance of my skin. You know, the annoying pre-period acne? Well, maca powder helps with that, too. At least it definitely has for me.

Maca Powder Will Help You Get That Perfect #Gains Selfie

Yep, you read that right. A lot of fitness junkies and bodybuilding gurus use maca, because it helps bring the body to an anabolic state. Simply put, this is the state your body needs to be in to build up muscle. But you don’t need to be the next Schwarzenegger to benefit from maca. I, for one, have no interest in having built arms or thighs, but I do enjoy nice abs and a firm bum, in a subtle way. That’s just what I like. I find that taking maca on the reg has definitely helped me get my abs back, without even working hard for them.

Now, I’m not saying maca is magical (even though it great) I’m just saying that with my body composition and my goals (which are really nothing crazy, fitness-wise) maca really helps me get there. I do believe that no matter what your end goals are, maca can help you get there a bit easier.

Maca Powder Is Good If You Work Hard

Whether you have a high-level position, work for yourself or are just determined to climb that corporate ladder, maca can actually help there too. As I mentioned in the first point, maca helps feeling more awake and focused, which can definitely help at work.

But that’s not the only thing it does. It also boosts memory (it’s actually really good for your brain) and helps reduce stress levels. And that’s a FRICKIN’ life-changer, because who doesn’t experience stress at work? The thing is, no matter how hard a job is, when we are stressed, we tend to make bad decisions and loose our shit more quickly. Which are two big no-nos in a work environment… Actually, in life!


After reading all this, I’ll be surprised if you don’t agree with my new life motto “a spoon of maca a day keeps the doctor away”. While that may not be 100% true, a spoon of maca a day certainly can and WILL increase your mood, boost your memory, reduce your stress level, give you energy, increase your sex-drive and your sexual and reproductive health, make your skin look better, help you gain muscle, aaaand, well, you might even get a promotion at work once all these things happen and you become super motivated and start performing really well. So basically, it wouldn’t be false to assume that maca will make you rich and powerful. End of it. Thank me later.

Now, you may ask, how do I ingest this wonderful powder? This is where I come to the rescue. Although maca is available in capsules, I hate swallowing tablets (it makes me feel like I’m sick) and I prefer powder form. Some people don't like the taste of maca, which is oftentimes described as malty... But I really don’t mind it. Especially when it’s mixed with something that has a strong taste, you can’t really taste it. Yet, some flavour combinations are also better than others. Like with chocolate, cinnamon and fruits, for example. Here are a few ways I like to mix it in my food:

Smoothies:This is probably the way I have it the most, because it’s so easy to just throw a spoon of litteraly anything in a smoothie and call it a day. Usually, I also like to add coconut milk or oil, nut butter and sometimes a bit of Nutella in my smoothies, which makes it almost impossible to notice there’s maca in there.

Lattes & Chai-Lattes:Another great morning staple is obviously coffee. For me, it’s actually a non-negotiable. If I’m making a latte with frothed milk, I sometimes like to add cinnamon and maca in the milk and then mix my latte. It’s delicious and super quick and simple. I don’t have chai-lattes very often, but I’m sure it would mix very well with the other spices as well.

In Nut Butters: Maca also mixes smoothly in nut butters. I love either a mixed nut butter or, my favourite, a coconut-almond butter. I usually mix maca in it, and then add it to oats, fiber crackers, fruits, crepes, toasts, chia puddings… basically anything I eat for breakfast.

Anything Chocolaty:Mixing it with chocolate is actually the most recommended way of having maca if you hate the taste, because it goes with it strangely well. So hot chocolate is a great way to have it, as well as mixing it with Nutella and layering it on anything you’d put Nutella on: toasts, crepes, fiber crackers with strawberries on top… Whatever floats your boat.


Oat Bowls: This one is good because I usually like to sprinkle cinnamon, a scoop of nut butter and fruits in my oat bowls, and these are all things that go well with maca anyways, so it would be foolish not to mix it in.

You’ll notice that most of these are breakfast items, and that’s simply because I like to benefit from the effects of maca during the day, so I find it just works better to have it in the morning. Sometimes though, if I need an extra pick-me-up or during that time of the month, I like to have it with lunch also, in which case I’ll reward myself with a small dessert or an afternoon latte in which I’ll mix a bit of maca powder.

Ok guys, your turn. Let me know how you like to eat maca! In what form, in what foods, and what are the effects you mostly notice. Get real deep here! I always love getting new recs and new ways to try things… I like to keep it spicy, you know? So hit me up in the comment section below or come say hi on Instagram!

Enjoy, Jenny xx